The best place to locate Polaroid cameras such as the Sun 600 for cheap (besides your parents’ attic) is via eBay. Remember to utilize the next link when purchasing, it can help me continue composing as well as costs you nothing. Thanks! I began utilizing instant camera for my job, I dreamed of owning a Polaroid SX 70. I’d argue it is the greatest looking and best Polaroid camera today. And also the very best part? This particular baby is a SLR. Everything you find out in the viewfinder is exactly what you get, no unimaginable framing from some peep gap on the reverse side of the camera.

Therefore after lusting over it and allowing the honeymoon stage pass of mine, how will it stack in place as being a realistic tool for present day Polaroid artist?

Well… there are several major pros, but you will find certain fairly huge cons also. This’s not the simplest Polaroid camera to use and yes it may be very costly in case you buy it from an individual that really understands the worth of its. At exactly the same period, it provides you with an amazing degree of control with regards to focus and framing. You can really see what you are concentrating on through the viewfinder of yours!

Because it’s a SX 70 model camera, it really works the Impossible Project’s PX seventy Color Shade and PX hundred Silver Shade lines of film. Do not attempt to work with any 600 film without a ND filtration system until you want photographs of solid white.


Complete control of focus is wanted by you and framing? Then this’s the camera of yours! A bit of wheel in the front acts as the focus management of yours and also the viewfinder has a split circle to help you. Whenever the lines inside of them fall into line, that component of the image is going to be in focus.

I am a huge admirer of this particular technique, and so long as you are able to discover a straight line concentration is somewhat simple. Regrettably, the viewfinder could be difficult to find out through plus is normally pretty dark. Although I do not know for certain, I believe this’s an outcome of just how awful the particular camera of mine is.

Exposure compensation is equivalent to each alternate Polaroid cam on the earth. Simply knock the lighten/darken wheel to alter exposure. Be cautious, mine reset a couple of occasions, so keep the eye of yours on it.

Lastly, the shutter will be the great red button directly on the front side of the camera. I really had a problem pressing it because you do not hold this particular camera the exact same fashion as many other Polaroids. The lens is angled down, therefore you do not keep the camera flat, but in an angle. Additionally, because the digital camera collapses, there are not a good deal of robust places to hold.

Frustratingly, due to the strange perspective which the digicam must be kept, there is simply no tripod screw mount. Because SX 70 features a low ISO, a tripod is required inside. I wound up creating a weird contraption from publications he is lying around to make the digicam adequate balance to create a sharp picture.

Lens and Metering

I have the user manual which was included with this particular digicam, therefore I could report with certainty that this particular digital camera features a 116mm lens as well as an f/8 aperture. Consider Polaroid is really a medium/large structure film, so 116mm makes for a relatively broad photo. it is much less broad than later Polaroid digital cameras, but in practice It is all about the same. It is clear and can serve you just great.

Metering occurs through the’ electronic eye’ (manual’s terms, not mine) off on the edge of the lens. It really works amazingly well; I recorded with a huge white colored screen behind the type of mine without any difficulties.

Wish to utilize flash? Effectively, the same as the Polaroid OneStep Land Camera, a throwaway flash bar is used by it. You will get 10 flashes per bar as every small bulb explodes a single by a single. It is unbelievably brilliant and extremely valuable, though good luck finding bulbs. When I visited the Impossible Project room in NYC they’d just a little bowl of flash bars, therefore you may be ready to acquire several from them. Lately Impossible has introduced a resuable flash bar, and I have seen lots of others on the market online.

Construct Quality

Did I mention that this particular digital camera is foldable? Because it can, and it is great. The design of mine features a plastic-made exterior with some kind of strange leather things on top of it with metal guts. Although the leather is really a lost cause, it seems difficult. It looks as someone attempted to wash it with soap and wound up destroying it. Red-colored specks come off on the hands of mine when I have it around and also shoot photographs.

Although it is treated by me much more delicately compared to the other Polaroid cameras of mine, perhaps I am still over mild with it. I am constantly worried I am gon na split it when I fold as well as unfold it, though I believe I am just paranoid. The directions warn you to not press in on the bellows, therefore like I pointed out above, keeping this particular point might be a little much more awkward than expected. I think with experience it will be second nature.

UPDATE: Something went awfully wrong inside of the camera of mine and it is properly old. A picture, which consequently have jammed, was taken by me and subsequently in turned ruined the camera’s potential to fold closed. These folding digicams are delicate (especially the earlier SX 70 generation ones) and are reasonably costly to change. If price is an issue, stick together with the dime-a-dozen utilized Polaroid cameras!


The Polaroid SX 70 Land Camera is a traditional. There is a reason the Impossible Project employs it in the vast majority of the product photos of theirs along with demonstrations. Although I believe the plastic exterior was the change, I seriously do not understand what’s different about my’ model two’. In case you discover among these in a garage sale or maybe eBay for cheap, snatch it up. Even in case you do not wish to utilize it, promote it to an individual that does.

In case you are getting it for all the advantages of an SLR and the portability of its, go because of it. On eBay you will spend somewhere between $50 200 for a working model. Purchasing online could be a danger, as many individuals do not understand simply or how cannot try the cameras of theirs before selling them for you. I paid eighty dolars for mine and also have a number of extras with it: flashbars, teaching manuals, along with a good small man purse for storage. (It is only a smidgen way too huge to manage as a satchel, I really had an unit ask me in which I got’ the adorable purse.’ Sigh.)

Furthermore, in case you are likely to work with Impossible Project movie, make sure to tape a deep slide just above where pictures are ejected to defend them from light for a couple of seconds of development. Or else, all the pictures of yours will just be blown away by the sunshine. The very first 5 seconds of development are probably the most essential. For improving contrast, I have essentially had a great deal of luck with keeping the film of mine in the refrigerator until right before shooting.

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