Top 5 Fastest Discontinued Tech Products

Marques Brownlee created a good video, which shows the shortest lived, biggest failures in all of tech! Some of them are even record-setting.

The list:

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How to Overclock Your Video Card with MSI Afterburner

7 minute video tutorial from Lifehacker that shows how to overclock a video card with MSI Afterburner software. These are the 5 steps:

  1. Do Your Research
  2. Benchmark Your Card
  3. Raise Your Clock Speeds
  4. Raise Your Voltage
  5. Stress Test Your Card

You can the read the whole guide at

MSI Afterburner

Good people on the road

Awesome positive video compilation of people helping on different road situations.

Positive compilation of Russian dash cams
Tired of all the brutal dash cam videos?
Here are positive for a change.

How To Park Guide Infographic

Mega awesome infographic that offers helpful tips for anyone who’s ever struggled with parking. Provided by UK car dealer T W White & Sons.

Parking Guide

Buying Refurbished DSLR

Refurbished Canon EOS 60D

My sweet Nikon DSLR was stolen last summer in Paris, so few months after that I was in the market for a new camera. Nowadays there is more competition and choice of cameras, it is more difficult to pick a camera system.

I am not a fan of Canon but my choice is 60D, mainly because the EF mount. This camera will be used for photography, not so much for video because I was planning to buy a Blackmagick Cinema Camera EF for video, so the DSLR and the cinema camera can use the same lenses. After NAB 2013 the things changed and I will buy Pocket Cinema Camera with mFT mount but this is another topic..

So I decided to save some money and buy a refurbished Canon 60D. I have one refurbished small camera from B&H (Nikon S6000), but DSLR is something more serious and I was hesitant. Eventually I bought the camera from Adorama and I am very pleased now! The DSLR looks brand new and there are no problems. I took one photo and used EOSCount ($1.69) to read the shutter counter, I was thinking “It will be good if the shutter count is 300 or something” but wait, a pleasant surprise – just 11 photos were taken before me – awesome.

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