Protests against the Bulgarian Forestry Act – photos and video


The Bulgarian Parliament passed definitively the controversial Forestry Act, allowing construction of ski tracks and lifts without changing the status of the land.

Several hundred activists clashed with police and blocked traffic in the centre of the capital Sofia. Participants in the protest are young people who want nature, we don’t want concrete mountains.

Some photos from the second day of protests (14.04.2012), tonight (16.06.2012) is the fourth day in a row.

Thanks to Dimo Dimov for the photos, he is the author.

After the 106 photos there are few videos.

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The Magic of Kaba Gaida Bagpipes – Guinness World Record

Bulgarian Kaba Gaida is musical bagpipe instrument similar to the gaida. It is aerophone, using enclosed reeds fed from a constant reservoir of air in the form of a bag. The Kaba gaida is larger and lower pitched than the typical gaida. It is native to the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria.

333 Bulgarian bagpipers with this performance set a new Guinness Record. The youngest bagpiper was a 9-year-old boy and the oldest one was 80 years old.

Video: The Best of King of Europe Drift Series 2011

The best from Katana team and King of Europe Drift Series 2011.


  • Radoslav Radev – Katana
  • Evgeny Todorov
  • Pavel Penchev
  • Martin Todorov
  • Assen Ivanov
  • Iskren Ivanov
  • Trifon Kamburov

Katana team Katana team

Sooo much snow [video]

Sofia, Bulgaria, Winter 2012

In my city/country (Sofia/Bulgaria) is falling sooo much snow. I made this fast video about one day with heavy snowing.

Snowing day – 26 Jan 2012 – Sofia, Bulgaria

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Patience, Communication, Understanding, Go!

Patience, Communication, Understanding, Go!
Patience, Communication, Understanding, Go! is the first EP from the math rock trio Mental Architects. I found their debut video Go! somewhere on internet and it was on auto replay for 1-2 days.

After that I decided to search for some information about this new band and I found their website. I saw the EP and I bought it immediately! It is only $3!

The songs are 4 and are awesome – perfect progressive rock instrumentals. Total lenght of the EP is 25:43!

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